#4 The rich and intense taste of high quality dark chocolate

CaptureChocolate is my “peche mignon” comme on dit en francais… My guilty pleasure…

I did try to deny my addiction by going through the worse 40 days of our relationship during lent this year. But guess what? Dark chocolate is good for you, it contains magnesium and antioxidants and has endorphin release properties (well in my case anyway). This means – with moderation – it isn’t as bad as other treats on the waistline and more importantly is a pleasure for the soul!

And that is in the top 5 of my favourite little things. Life’s little delights which bring me back down to earth, to this moment, feeling this rich square of chocolate melting away, releasing its rich fruity or woody or nutty flavours, and leaving behind some delicious notes which leave me wanting more… Gladly, not in a white sugar craving mood to swallow down another piece as fast as I can but rather in a “I’d like to have another piece and see if I can taste that berry note described on the packaging”. A bit like having another glass of red (obviously, I don’t always waiting until the empty packet or the end of the bottle to come to a halt).


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