The Yang Project

Movember is aiming to reduce the rate of male suicide by 25% by 2030, and I want to help them get there. Help me stop men dying too young. This month I am “moving for Movember” by running 60k for 60 men who die of suicide every hour.

Mental Health conditions are often ignored by men, feelings shoved under the carpet. Men are taught from a young age that showing emotion is showing weakness and would rather die than admit they need help. As a woman, I do appreciate that society lately has equipped me with tools and opportunities to feel, to share. I know that when times are tough, I have an army of inspiring women behind me, and I have sought help from therapist, coaches and healers.

I want to use this month to raise awareness around mental health conditions in men. I want to find ways for the men in my life or in my friends’ lives to truly believe that it is OK to speak about their fears, to share and show their feelings, to be vulnerable and continuously work with themselves. 

Men should have the opportunity to be emotional and sensitive just as much as women need the opportunity to be strong and fierce. And let’s face it, there is nothing more sexy than a man who owns his emotions, shows them, reveals his sensitivity, vulnerability and empathy, at the risk of being “judged” by a few men who are themselves just waiting for one to take the leap before themselves.

Day 1: Find out my motivation

Day 2: Yin & Yang

Day 3: The multiple facets of mental health

Day 4: The black dog & it’s owners

Day 5: Our 2nd Brain

Day 6: Who to talk to?

Day 7: From thoughts to words, talk those demons out.

Day 8: Depression, an Autumn ailment

Day 9: The power of Sleep with a big Z

Day 10: The sweet salts

Day 11: Expectations are the source of our deception

Day 13: The light is in the tunnel

Day 14: Living seasonally

Day 15: Dark Winter Waters

Day 16: Movement

Day 17: Glass half full of worries

Day 18: Gratitude

Day 19: Letting go of my ego

Day 20: Helping our men

Day 21: The hole

Day 22: Honour the scared child who exists within you

Day 23: SAD

Day 24: Downtime

Day 25: Which Archetype are you?

Day 26: Lemon morning rituals

Day 27: Yoga Nidra

Day 28: Morning Pages