Domesticate your demons this post Halloween month


There’s always that part of us we don’t want others to see or we try to ignore ourselves because we’re ashamed and would rather leave in where it is: in our shadow. Since we’re not expressing those demons in public, they tend to become darker when we’re alone. And by suppressing them, we forget throw ourselves in a state of pretend ignorance only to let them take more control over us when they come out. As a result of burying our heads in the sand, we’ve not prepared ourselves on how to deal with them and as a result we become a victim of our own demons.

After impersonating various demoniacal creatures last month, it may be time to look within yourself and face your own dark side(s). Getting to know your imperfections, familiarising with them and even learning to like where they come from (you) should enable you to be more at ease when they come to express themselves. They may even seem more normal and less demoniacal. After all, you are the one perceiving them as such, letting them be in the light of others may reduce them to dust! You may even find a way to turn them into a strength, into an asset and only you can create something positive out of it.

Are you ready to unleash your demons?

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