Start looking for what you want to see!

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Have you ever noticed the minute your eye catches a bright colour it then starts seeing it everywhere? Yellow is so positive and bright, like the sun, it’s the colour of lemons, buttercup and gold… And the minute you notice yellow around you: a door, a car, the no parking stripes on the road, the bus handle bars, a jumper, a bottle, a chair, a pair of shoes, you get it, you see it once your eye starts looking for yellow things and you see the colour everywhere!

The risk is when your eye(and mind) starts focusing on something negative then all of a sudden your world becomes a grey place of misery and bitterness, everyone is against you and you cannot achieve anything.

So next time you see yourself looking for negative things around you why not stop yourself right there? Why not start by looking for a colour you like… Then take it to the next level and start looking for acts of kindness you are witnessing around you (not necessarily towards you) and then at last maybe link it all back to yourself and notice the positive things you have produced, received, with loved ones or with strangers…

Time to start looking for bright things around you!

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