The good thing about summer days…

Everyone is simply happier

Days are longer

Mornings are bright and ideal for an early jog with nothing but the rising sun and gorgeous flowers to cheer for you

Pretty flowers add lively colours to the grey concrete background of the city

They’re an excuse to stop every 5 meter to smell their perfume and attempt to immortalise them in a simple shot

Salads, fruits and vegetables are so much tastier and it’s so fulfilling to know all the goodness that will come out of these produce born under the real sun

Leaving work with the daylight makes you feel like you can live a whole extra day in the evening

Glowing with your first sunburn after the first real day of warm weather and bright blue skies

Exposing as much skin as possible to soak up all the vitamin D you will need for the year

Living like it’s your last day on earth

Is anything stopping us from bringing some of these into winter?

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