Yin & Yang

For this first day of content of the Yang project I thought I would share a bit of my perception of Yin and Yang, masculine and feminine. How it all fits in within the subject of men’s mental health.

Yin is the colour black, it is full, cold, descending in direction, softer, smoother and moist. It is typically stagnant and is associated to the Moon, the earth, metal, and water elements. Yin seasons are Autumn and Winter. Typically yin is considered feminine.

Yang is white, it’s hollow, hot, ascending, hard and dry. It is moving and associated with the Sun, the wood and fire elements. Yang seasons are Spring and Summer. Yang is of course considered masculine.

In a very simplistic way, yin is considered more nurturing and grounded but the reverse of the coin is that it is very stagnant, hoarding. Yang is considered more active, efficient but the reverse is running oneself thin, burning the candle at both ends.

Each of us are made of a certain amount of yin and yang qualities, which changed over time, based on our lifetime, the seasons, our age, our location and a multitude of other factors.

As you know the yin & yang sign is represented by a circle with a yin side and a yang side and there is a yin within the yang as well as there is a yang within the yin. So these two are not mutually exclusive. In fact We need both and balance lies in the constant to and fro between yin and yang, staying away from the extremes unless exceptionally and aiming to stay centered, focusing on the neutral.

When it comes to mental health there is not just one representation or one type of condition. Depression can have more yin properties (the feeling of being stuck, the lack of will to move, the feeling of fearfulness) but other mental health conditions can also have more yang properties like stress or burn-out, anger, disconnection with the self…

Although men are typically associated to the Yang, and to those properties, in order to stay balanced it is important that they also make room in their daily habits for the yin that exists within them: the sensitivity, the creativity, the connecting to one’s feelings, the necessity to slow down, to give room for their emotional side, to let go of the need to not have it all figured out.

Now more than ever it is time to make those opportunities happen for the men around us. For them to give themsevles the permission to be vulnerable.

Of course I don’t pretend it’s that easy but I’m just here to try and share some content on the subject. Things I think could maybe help, or make an interesting short read. I’d love to hear your thoughts and if you didn’t like this I hope to share something more down your street tomorrow 🙂

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