The light within the tunnel

Have you ever felt like you just can’t get a break (probably lots of people have been feeling like this especially this year). It’s often hard to find the courage to get up, get on with your day, move, eat, tackle the admin to do list, when Everything around you seems to be falling apart or slipping away. Sometimes it takes only a few days or weeks for things to feel like they’re out of out control. And if things have been going very well before that’s even more of a shock to the system. And let’s face it it’s not a nice feeling, it is confronting and frustrating and infuriating. But isn’t life going to throw at us even bigger challenges? Isn’t life about tackling these, falling down, getting up and off we go again? A person close to me mentioned a Japanese proverb which goes something like this “it’s not the problem we cannot cope with but the shadows they cast If we let them” A Japanese proverb says “Fear is greater than the danger”. I think in both cases it means our minds are able to create a story which is not real and that causes worry and suffering which in our minds has reason to be but from an external point of view does not exist. We can be so ingrained in our thinking That we believe everyone is clueless and only we know better, only we can see clearly. And our conviction is this one: doom. It is very hard to see things from another, more neutral standpoint. So maybe the key here, to take a final proverb, is to “look in the direction of the sun and allow our shadow to fall behind us”, or in other words, to search for the light within the tunnel, to find something positive about ones current situation. There is always something to be grateful for, and we must hold onto that. So find what brings you light, find something to write about every morning, something that you are grateful for. By creating light within the tunnel you will start creating a way out.

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