Seasonal Affective Disorder. It happens usually between Summer and late Autumn and can settle in through winter in the form of depression, oversleeping, weight gain, which can be Kapha symptoms in Ayurveda. This also affects people in summer with insomnia, anxiety, weight loss, or in Ayurveda excess Vata. How to manage it in winter? Find that spot of sun☀️, and bathe in it. Go outside every day for a 20min walk for your body to register that it’s light outside, even when it’s grey or raining. Find some good vit D supplements and eat the foods that are rich in bit D like mushrooms, oily fish, eggs, oatmeal. Overall adapt your rhythm to the seasons, not just the foods you eat but also the demands you make over your body, and keeping a healthy balance of movement is key. Stagnation contributes to patterns of holding onto fears and worry, I swear I can hear my minds clogs when it does that ⚙️ the best way to stop myself has been to talk to my plants🌻 and go outside check out a tree 🌳 🌲

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