The magic salad formula 3.0 – watermelon, mint & feta

Summer rhymes with refreshing and hydrating watermelon!

Such a low cost and delicious fruit, very healthy and refreshing summer snack, full of goodness. High in fibre, antioxidants and thirst quenching vegetable (!) it is a good source of B6, A vitamins & potassium.

It combines very well with the saltiness of feta and the sweetness of mint to produce a refreshing summer salad – surprising accompaniment to summer barbecues.


*goat’s or sheep’s feta cheese

*seasoning ingredients: salt & pepper, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, (extras: oregano, lemon juice and chilli flakes)

*1/8 of watermelon chopped in cubes

* babyleaf

* fresh mint

*  mange tout

* cucumber

* olives

* parma ham


1/ in advance/ or on the go: chop the feta and place in a bowl with oregano, chilli flakes and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice

2/ steam the mange tout for 10 minutes

3/ place in a dish with shredded parma ham and cover (this will soften the parma ham with the heat)

4/ prepare the seasoning at the bottom of a salad bowl: olive oil, vinegar, tsp of mustard, salt & pepper, mix well with a spoon

5/ rinse and place the babyleaf at the bottom of the bowl

6/ peel and chop the cucumber, the watermelon, olives and the fresh mint, place over the salad

7/ cover with the feta

8/ add the parma ham and mange tout

9/ mix the salad

Serving suggestions:  toasted pitta breads, tzaziki or other dip! Serve with refreshing home made mint iced tea.

Summer feta and watermelon salad



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