A lucky penny can change your day

lucky penny

Are you superstitious? I think pennies are worth a lot more than their monetary value. They are powerful pieces of copper! I’m not telling tales or being naïve but thanks to one I discovered the power each individual has in changing the course of their day into a better one. How empowered we are in changing our life and things don’t just happen to us as it primarily seems…

Although I’m a fervent believer of looking up, sometimes into the hurry for things, and especially if I’m having a bad day, I look down and many times encounter a lucky penny! Yes I am one of those people who stops on the pavement to pick it up… looking cheap or desperate does not worry me, I don’t even spend it, I just make a promise to myself to turn whatever day I am having into a good day. Or I make a wish and wait until it comes through to give it to someone who needs it.

A lucky penny got me to turn a night around from getting unpleasantly sicked on my leg to meeting and drinking champagne with the dj of my dreams…

A lucky penny got me on the right path when at a crossroad…

A lucky penny got me to simply smile to a stranger and give it to them wishing them good luck and a happy day…

Has a lucky penny every changed your day?

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