Which salad magic formula do you prefer?

Asserted fervent of carbs and particularly pasta, I have never really been into salads. But lately, inspired by the warmer weather and the high fruit season, I have started to experiment a little bit and find different ways to enjoy some greens!

I think there is no strict recipe when it comes to salads it’s all about following your intuition and grabbing whatever’s at hand and combinable to create something sumptuous! Here’s my basic formula and some ideas of combinations:

The magic salad formula:

Seasonal fruit + leaves + green veg + cheese + cured meat + nuts or seeds + seasoning

A nice combination of raw, cooked, cured, crispy, juicy and crunchy ingredients, making this “healthy” meal an enjoyable experience for the senses.

Classic seasoning:  olive oil, balsamic vinegar, S&P, a tiny spoon of mustard; sometimes I like to add a squeeze of lemon juice or some citrus zest – again, whatever’s at hand!

Regarding ideas of combinations, I’ll start with the fruit because I’ve recently discovered adding a fruit in a salad gives it such a fresh and juicy taste, my mom would laugh while reading this as I never used to be into mixing foods at all – no sweet and savoury please! But thankfully tastes and opinions evolve…

Fig & Goats cheese works magnificently, Watermelon & Feta , Pear & walnuts, Apple & avocado, Nectarines & Halloumi.

>>Read here the first salad created with this brilliant magic formula.




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