Exprimenting with our sense of vision: look around, what do you see?

We all tend to spend our lives in our individual bubbles. Connected between ourselves via our phones, computers, laptops and in our minds. But we’re missing one big thing here – well I feel like I am when I’m so centered on my own persona, obligations, responsibilities, next steps on to do lists and so on. We aren’t connected to what and who is around us. We’re actually missing the present moment. All the beautiful (and ugly) things, moments, phenomenons, persons we may be missing because our oh so powerful best friend and preferred object – our phone – is getting our undivided attention.

So I would like to invite you here to accompany me in one of my new experiments to reach a bit of a state of mindfulness: let’s tune in our sense of vision and see what happens. Literally!

Paul Smith says “You can find inspiration in everything, and if you can’t, look again”. Two people can be in the exact same moment and see two completely different things, we can chose to activate our sense of vision and if we look for something, we will find it. Even in nothingness, even in the most sterile picture one can find something that will tell a story. We can also be somewhere and chose to not activate that sense and not involve ourselves in that present. Being on a cloud can be enjoyable too, staring in the empty space. But here we’re talking of activation so let’s tackle this first!

Try this – on your next journey to work or the shops or a path when you would usually be lost into your phone, try looking up… What marvels do you see?

Here’s what I saw – the list is non exhaustive and I am keen to keep growing it…

>A bright blue sky

> A gorgeous sunset: read the post here.

> The smile of a stranger

> A beautiful flower

> An incredible building

> A beautiful ceiling

> Interesting tiles

> A daunting outfit that works

> A happy dog with a wiggling tail

> A running kid eager to reach school to play with his friends

> A poster or a sign that reminds you of something funny

> A comical situation: someone running to get into the tube and making it!

> A real and accessible bus by a famous design studio

> A moment of kindness: someone helping an elderly

> A romantic moment between two people

> A captivating reflection, refraction or another physical effect

> A verdant age old tree full of history

> A breathtaking landscape






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