Signing off longer days with a splendid sunset

Sunset above cinema screen #BAROOFTOP

There’s a good reason for clouds in the sky, even in the summer as the days are getting longer: magnificent sunsets.

The best sunsets in my opinion are always dotted with cottony puffy clouds, reflecting the sun’s last rays of shining light before he says “see you tomorrow” and sets off to Western ventures…

They’re enough to put a big smile and a gaping aw on my face… They are my sign of a fantastic holiday, I’ll try and catch one wherever I go, observing how different settings magnify this breathtaking phenomenon in such a variety of ways…

Sunsets are my guilty pleasure and I love the delight that comes with looking up towards the sky at that time of day and get surprised by wonderful tonal pink streaks! Whether you’re walking home from work, riding your bike, sat on the bus top deck, enjoying a drink outside the pub, or such as here watching a movie on a Peckham Rooftop, it may be happening above and it only takes for you to tilt your necks and soak in the beauty!

Click here to browse my favourite snaps and tell me, when was the last time you looked up and got the pleasant surprise of a beautiful leaving gift from the sun?

One thought on “Signing off longer days with a splendid sunset

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