The wonderful power of nature

Nature works wonders, or comme on dit en Français: “La nature fait bien les choses”!

It is amazing sometimes to stop for a second and admire an age old tree rising proudly, its branches reaching far in impressive zig zag shapes adorning beautiful green, chlorophyll charged leaves who whisper gently with every soft blow of the wind… To think that these natural veterans are working day in day out to not only keep themselves alive but also all organisms and living creatures around them – more importantly including us – is quite a phenomenon.

Nature and the course of event is so much bigger than us and we spend so much time trying to affect and influence them but think about it and what brought you, me them here in this present moment. I’m a true believer of everything happens for a reason, there is a lesson to learn in every life event and even if I can’t see it I know there is a silver lining just waiting for me around the corner.

I find it soothing to take a moment and admire the true beauty of nature. Whether it’s a tree producing the oxygen around me, a bee taking pollen off a flower, an ant carrying a crumb, a bird building a nest… At the end of the day, it is reassuring to think that whatever happens nature produces beautiful things, it keeps moving forward and if you pay attention, it works in your favour:

– that time the bus took a different route and you had to get off early and walk for half an  hour to get to work, weren’t you happy you happened to set off early and had a chance to enjoy the gorgeous weather?

– that other time when you didn’t hear your alarm clock, arrived at the airport half an hour before your long haul flight, weren’t you happy about the weather conditions delaying all flights for the day and allowing you to make it on time?

– even that time you lost your wallet which led you to open up and accept someone’s invitation for a drink, initiating an unforgettable rencontre?

Yes, nature works wonders, presents and produces beautiful and ugly wonders. And we’re not only an inherent but an active part of it too.

As an observant or participant, what wonders has nature recently created around you?

Sprouting lemon

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