Breathing through London’s lungs and soaking up their beauty

There are so many parks in London, more than most capital cities and we – Londoners – are very lucky to be surrounded by these green spaces, these decades and century old trees who, standing in their magnificent beauty produce some of our our vital oxygen and introduce some purity in the air that surrounds us in such a busy active and dynamic city. See related post: The wonderful power of nature.

Parks are an economical way to

*catch up with a friend(s), when summer’s on, get a few drinks and nibbles and sit in the sun… soaking up some nature and enjoying some slow time;

*go exercise for a masochistic way to wake up or a needed exorcism of the day’s stress;

You can also…

*let your or someone else’s dog run free and forget about the limits of your restricted London property;

*walk yourself and find some peace in your relentless mind;

*sunbathe and get your vitamind D fix enough to make up for three weeks of London grey an spitting skies;

*soak up some culture: exhibitions, sites, fairs;

*let your kids play and discover some nature promising them they’ll get better at the farm games they play with all day long by knowing what a real goat looks like;

Yesterday’s marvelous day took me through Clissold and Hyde Parks for number 1, 2, 4 and 6 and here is a sample of some delights encountered:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Which one is your favourite park and what wonders have you experienced there?

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