Cultivating the inner roaring of uncontainable excitement


Have you ever felt this?

This silent screaming, this fire in the belly rising up to the head with a mix of excitement and frustration of not being able to (with decency) express the exhilaration that is taking ownership of your body from the inside. Like you want to open the window and screaaaaam with all the vocal power in the world or go up to everyone around you (strangers or not) shake them up and share your news and say “Isn’t it amazing?!?! Aren’t you thrilled for me?!”.

Why not try to cultivate this incredibly positive feeling next time you’re even just remotely enthused about something? Whether it be a sunny day, an objective reached, a project accomplished, a new house, a new beginning, a new outfit, a message from an old friend, form a loved one, an upcoming party, a new delicacy, the start of your holiday,… anything!

Try and focus on what’s really the object of your excitement and imagine the best -even wildest – scenario it could lead to, even if it’s surreal. Don’t be afraid to be too optimistic and just enjoy the feeling of exhilaration, what’s the worst that can happen?!

 Wake up to a bright sunny day

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