Letting our failures create the route success

When things slow down or seem to go in reverse it’s always in insight that we realise these were an inherent part of our journey to something better.

Not only those hurdles allow us to enjoy better moments when they come, but they also create the space for us to reflect on what isn’t suitable to us during those harder times. Whether it is in matters of business, of the heart or of our home, anything affecting one or all of these three main pillars throws our whole being out of balance, comfort and security. But sometimes these bumps on the road are nothing else than an opportunity to change things to our own benefit. We can learn about ourselves, about who we are; refine what we want and what makes us happy and with this in mind, identify where the incoherence lies, and adjust ourselves and the situation to create an improved combination.

Just like the civil engineer who left his job and launched a career as a talented hairstylist; or the girl who started writing songs after her boyfriend left her and became incredibly famous;

Failure may not mean there is something wrong with us, just maybe an inconsistency between who we are, where we are, what we’re doing and who we are with.

I’m not sure I know myself how to find the key to a better combination of all of these but the only thing I can suggest is where to start. When you feel like you’ve hit a wall, reached a dead-end, take a step back and look somewhere else – inside you – somewhere positive. Maybe the best way to get over the deception is to work out what will make you smile again, what you like to do, to create and which makes you feel good and use this as a starting point.

It may begin with listening to a favourite track, or spending time with a close friend, or cooking a nice meal,…

Just try to focus on what makes a happy you and see what follows…

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