To every problem its own solution: turning problems into progresses

Because we don’t have to worry about having food on our plate or having a roof over our heads, it seems we have developped the tendency to worry and find problems with things that would have been insignificant to even our grand-parents. In reality, our idea of perfection is ever more utopic and the equation becomes more and more difficult to accomplish: it’s all about finding the right balance between health, wealth, friends, lovers, hobbies, work, culinary experiences, gigs, we feel like we have to accomplish all of the above and masterall aspects of our personal and professional lives. Each area can be improved and perfectioned and some of us may be very quick in identifying problems. And the first natural step in solving them is to look for the cause. Very often, the cause seems to be that there isn’t enough of this or that and the solution seems to by to obtain this or that. We can get so inflexible about the so called solution that we get discouraged when this is not met in our expected timelines and the problem remains unresolved. But while we tend to aggravate our resentment on what isn’t happening, we’re not seeing, considering and therefore encouraging the positive progress that has been made so far.

So maybe the real solution is for us to change our point of view on the subject and to stop seeing the problem as one? Maybe instead of focusing on what hasn’t been accomplished we could concentrate on appreciating what has evolved positively in that area? See if this helps letting go of things that worry you on a daily basis and start looking at them in a more positive light. Chances are, they’ve evolved a lot since you’ve identified them as a problem and chances are, the minute you start thinking of them as areas which have improved they will start progressing even further!

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