Offer yourself a nice day, Grumpy!

Have you ever had a day when everything and everyone is annoying you and creates this fire in your cheeks of simple an unjustified anger?

Be nice, grumpy!As soon as the alarm ring you’re thinking “urgh I feel dreadful”; as soon as you get into the shower and forget to let it run you freeze yourself to death and address all the swear words available at the shower head; as soon as you have a bite of your breakfast you think “tastes horrible”; then you get dressed and think “I look terrible”; then you walk out on the street and every person that walks too close too you is in danger of unleashing the rottweiler within you! So much so that just because you’re angry you’re trying to broaden your shoulders almost to knock into them and have a reason to be extremely annoyed.

There may or may not be a reason for this feeling of all around anger and borderline aggressiveness and you can let it stick with you all day long and help you alienate a few friends along the way and ruin some other people’s days. OR, you can just decide to let this go and make a conscious effort of just being nice. It’s very likely yourself and the people you will interact with will have a much better day in the end.

So, next time you’re feeling grumpy and angry towards the universe, why not offer yourself a nice day? Make yourself the promise to have a nice day and compel yourself to wish that to others who cross your way too.

Have a nice day!

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