The little things that make you happy

If someone asks you to tell them about your life until now there’s a chance you will only relate the big moments that punctuated it. Whether they were big happy events, long tough stages, or the decisive moments when your life has taken a turn. But quite often, the moments where you have felt the most happy aren’t any of those. Quite often in fact, the moments that saw our purest state of bliss were triggered by something very little. Everyone has different things that makes them tick but sometimes there are a lot we share with others. Here I would like to commit to dressing this list of little moments, adding a new one every Wednesday. Call it the Wednesday’s little marvel, as an inventory of what gives me an instant boost, regardless of the seriousness of the life stage I am currently in. And I’d love to hear if you share these with me…

Wednesday bright sunshine

#1 – Facing the sun with my eyes closed, taking the time to feel its warming touch on my skin

Note: As this is quite a rare occurrence in London I will make a point of doing this at least once every day the sun’s face comes out from behind its thick fluffy grey blanket of clouds, revealing its deep blue silk sheet!

Second note: if you’re doing this in Australia make sure you wear some 60 SPF sunscreen ;o)

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