Who do you want to be today?

It all starts with who we are and many of us are still trying to figure that one out…

Some think they need to have this and that to be such and such. And that often leaves us feeling a little empty as soon as that thing loses its novelty and as soon as this person stops giving us what we’re relying on to be who we want to be.

Things and other people can’t make us who we are.

What we do, the way we act, the way we react alone and with others, the tone of voice we use and our body language all of these actions initiated by ourselves completely reflect our being. They make us who we are. I rephrase: WE make ourselves who we are.

You want to be generous? Start giving some of your time to someone. You want to be funny? Find a way to giggle through life and make others laugh. You wan’t to be healthy? Start looking after yourself! You wan’t to be happy? Start doing things that make you smile. Curious? Ask away! Confident? Start believing in yourself! It all sounds pretty obvious…

So now, who do you want to be today and what are you going to do to project it?

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