#8 Embracing The Festive Spirit

Receiving a Christmas Hamper offer in August is, I agree, taking it a little too far.

But as soon as December comes and the first window is opened on my advent calendar I enjoy paying attention to every little bit of festive spirit that arises around me! Making a point of taking it all in, observing the sparkly lights, humming along with familiar (and some hated) Christmas tunes, laughing at the tacky decorations and secretly buying new ones for our big, bushy, fragrant real, impersonated tree.

Even though it is a busy time of year and puts a lot of pressure to juggle with long hours and work and a lot of social events, it seems everyone is in a much better mood. Jolly shop keepers are more conversational, and bus drivers even tend to smile back! And of course it is another excuse to go out drinking during the week, check out the new “après-ski” pop-up bar, have fancy dinners with friends, buy a silly Xmas jumper, drink some mulled wine while screaming your head off on rides, dance on tables or (semi) secretly kiss in photo booths at the office Christmas party!

After all, it is time when it’s all about sparkles, bubbles, good food, chocolates, friends, family, regrouping, giving and receiving… what’s not to like?

What’s your favourite way to soak up the festive spirit?

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