Let your New Year’s resolution be about being YOU

Last 2014 Sunset In RomeThe sun has set on another year, – a brilliant 2014 for some, an eventful one, one of many changes or just another year for others. With 2015 kicking off full blast we obviously all have a mountain-load of resolutions and good intentions for this new year.

Probably the same ones we had a year ago and the year before. Some of them we just can’t seem to keep, others we have invited into our everyday lives like second nature habits. And there are some which we know we could keep more often but we are only human after all and maybe the right way is our way.

We tend to start with the idea or perfection and force it back onto ourselves with a set of rules to maintain for the next year or for the rest of our lives, which can be in complete contradiction with who we are and therefore result in total failure and frustration. So maybe the place to start is ourselves, starting with who we are, what we love, what is truly important to us and what we do not want to lose sight of. Maybe the place to start is our current virtues and how we can further cultivate those, in sync with where we want to go.

Maybe for some of us January should be about not putting so much pressure on ourselves and keeping on doing what we do well, what makes us authentically happy and what is aligned with who we are.

What is your New Year’s resolution and which part of you is it emanating from?

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