Lâcher prise – to let go of one’s grip

Most of us have been through times when we are constantly gripping, nervously, always planning our next move, thinking weeks ahead, preparing ourselves for the worst. And whenever things to go our ways we get stuck, frustrated, and find it hard to adapt. It all feels like a struggle doesn’t it?

Have you ever had times when, more relaxed, it seemed like everything was flowing, all aligned and everything seemed to fall nicely into place? Almost like you had someone looking out for you, pushing all those nice things your way? Maybe the only difference is that you are more aware of the good things happening because, more relaxed, your focus isn’t on anticipating what may go wrong in the future but rather more on appreciating the good things that are happening now.

Instead of gripping onto that wheel and planning what to do if a bump appears, maybe we should learn to let go of that grip, keeping our hands on the wheel more softly and confident that whatever comes our way, we will be ready to react. And in the meantime, we may have the mind space to enjoy the scenery, the song playing on the radio or even a sumptuous sunset.

Are you ready to let go?

 Sunset captured by my Maman

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