When we feel stuck, when it becomes hard to find joy in everyday life, when everything seems to be going wrong and when life is a constant struggle, when we feel like we are swimming against the current, it’s time to move. It’s not always easy to move, external factors like the cold, government rules, the rain, or simply all the reasons that come up in our mind reaffirms that feeling of forced stillness. But realistically, all it takes is a regular commitment, a daily walk in the street or park, a little jog, a 20 minutes yoga practice, some 10 mins abs 10 mins gluts, or more intense runs and HIIT and strength classes to whip us back into shape, or even a lovely dance practice, closing your eyes, embracing your vulnerability and allowing your body to just move the way it wants to move, following the vibrations, the tunes, the sound waves.

Movement is life, is energy, it is expression. And there is constant movement around us even when we are still: passers by going about their day; cars driving past; birds chirping away during the day; bees flying from flower to flower collecting pollen; the clouds in the sky; the Earth keeps turning on itself and around the Sun; the night sky changes and the moon phases evolve in a circular way… the list goes on. But sometimes knowing that the world keeps turning is reassuring enough when in the depth of our depression, anxiety, worry. Our life and our reality may have become all about this one fixation but everything else is still moving, growing, evolving.

If we sit still with our thoughts, we run the risk of our mind running away with itself, our thoughts getting increasingly dark, dramatic and seemingly out of control, running in a loop like a broken disk. Movement leads to change helps processing and letting go, just like the act of breathing, detoxifying, digesting.

Maybe take some time to consider which type of movement you need, start small, and be kind to yourself, this should be an opportunity to do something for yourself not against yourself, not an opportunity to judge yourself either. Some may need more yin movement, like yoga, while others will need more yang, high intensity, maybe try a combination of the two.

Some movement resources to support you in your journey to better health: @Yogawithadriene for yoga practices with humour for all levels; @eatingwellnotless for HIIT classes that will leave you off sweaty, with painful gluts and full of endorphins; yoga with myself @copinemarvels for a gentle morning flow practice to take time to connect with body and breath; @soul_hub who offer a variety of therapies, I experienced the soul walks therapy and found it was a great way to observe, feel, process, tie a bow and let go.

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