Glass half full of worries

This is not a “glass half empty/ glass half full” article, but I wonder if you have heard of the allegory of the glass of water representing our worries?

My lovely mom told me about it a couple of days ago it goes like this: its total weight remains a the same but if you hold it for 10 seconds it is fine, one minute also fine, 10 minutes without putting it down it feels heavier, your arm starts feeling uncomfortable, any more than that and your arm may become sore or numb and 1 day seems impossible because you have to put it down to sleep right?

Well with your problems it is the same, you cannot carry them in your mind ALL DAY LONG. They also need to be put aside so you can keep your vital functions going: breathing fully, eating and absorbing nutrients from the foods you ingest, exercising and getting the blood flowing through your organs and muscles, repairing, healing, detoxifying, sleeping,… so please, whatever is preoccupying you right now and at any point in your life, you don’t need to hold onto it permanently.

Allow yourself to put it aside and get back to it later, with a fresh outlook and a rested mind, maybe you’ll go at it in a different way and find new solutions, maybe you will realise they are not yours to carry, maybe you will find that they are not that big actually and that maybe there is something more important and valuable to you which needs your attention or maybe you trust that things will turn out ok. Put the glass full of worries down, put the phone down, come back to your body, come back to the present, focus on what matters: your breath, your life 🌬

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