Let go of my ego

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Is it your true reflection or what you chose to pay attention to? As someone who doesn’t always love what I see in the said mirror I’ve recently been working on ways to feel the different ways I could react if I am led by my ego or the expression of my truth, my soul. Take one example, you’re having a conversation with a friend, your ego wants to interrupt to tell your part of the story, to share your experience and give some advice, the other part of you is there to listen to your friend, accept their point of view as a way to broaden yours. If something happens at work and there is a problem with one of your projects, your ego is hurt but your soul knows this is just one of the billion outputs you will share with the world in your lifetime. If a person close to you is hurting but doesn’t want to listen to your advice, your ego may be hurt or frustrated, but your soul knows that the seed is planted and that it is their choice to take it or leave it, all you can do is hold space for them. Someone out there has a better job title than you, your ego may be hurt but your soul knows that your are exactly where you need to be. You’re exercising and your ego is constantly criticising your every move, bringing you down but your soul is happy you are honouring that flesh, that sacred vehicle. On the subject of body, your ego sees yourself from years ago and longs those thinner limbs and less tired face, but your soul is contempt with the additional wisdom and better health habits that you have acquired since. Before reacting to a situation even if it is within yourself, or when an emotion arises, try to depict its duality of the soul reaction vs. the ego reaction. And chose which one you want to see, and give more importance to. I read somewhere that our ego is there to protect us from danger, often that self love that protect us from toxic relationships after a certain point, but our ego can turn into our worst enemy. Therefore we should protect ourselves from our our ego in return… maybe giving a bigger voice to our soul can help… something to think about.

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