Exercising Gratitude

Gratitude… I was told that if you start the day by making a list of all the things, people, concepts you are grateful for then you’re more likely to feel better, happier or at least a little less sad. Same thing if you force yourself to smile for 1 minute. Apparently our body reacts to this by releasing the happy hormones: dopamine and serotonin. And actually both exercises can be done at any time of the day when we need it the most.

Why don’t you try it, tomorrow, as soon as you wake up: think of all that you are grateful for, even write them down. And maybe during the day, reach out to someone you feel you want to thank for one happy memory some time in the past, without any expectation of return or response. How nice it must be to receive such words from someone and know that you have made a positive mark on them. Maybe go further and take the time to thank yourself for being you and getting yourself through life until this point, acknowledging your body for doing an awesome job at keeping you alive with all its functions (breath, digestion, immunity, exercise…), and remember to thank your mind for allowing you to dream big. And maybe even you will thank your demons for being a part of you, for making you who you are and appreciate the side of you that isn’t them.

I am grateful, for all that has been and all that will be.

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