Archetypes were introduced by the psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung to denote the figures that we associate to and whose behaviour we relate to in order to define our role in society. These are implied and passed onto us by our ancestors. I wonder if we have two lives: the first one living according to the archetype that we are expected to follow, the second following the archetype we have chosen to adhere to. And the shift between the two can be arduous, painful, drastic or maybe progressive. The whole concept of identity often causes resistance, implies taking a risk and sometimes can create suffering because maybe despite our best intentions we are drawn to a path that isn’t necessarily the one we set out for initially. Although it is important to manifest, make plans and work toward these goals, it’s also healthy to remain flexible and to follow your heart and soul. Which archetype(s) do you associate with? The mother, the maiden, the queen, the huntress, the wise woman, the mystic, the lover? The king, the magician, the warrior, the lover?

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