Morning Pages

Journaling is a very good way to process emotions, doubts, anxiety and fears. Writing them down can help exorcise those or at least give them less importance than when they exist just in our minds. Julia Cameron invented the concept of “Morning Pages” which implies writing 3 full pages every morning straight as you get out of bed. It takes about 30 min on average. If you don’t know what to write you can write “I don’t know what to write” but overall even if you write mundanities after you go through the first layer more stuff comes up. We’re able to see what‘s been there in our mind that we’ve not paid attention to because of the noise. And once on paper it’s hard to miss it. The idea is that you can destroy the pages after if you like as you’re more likely to give yourself permission to write your wildest thoughts, judgment free. Have a try and stick to week for 2 weeks at least, watch the patterns and repetitive themes and see what happens!

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