The magic salad formula 1.0 – nectarines & halloumi

Here’s the recipe of the very first salad created with the magic formula revealed in this post.

Seasonal fruit + leaves + green veg + cheese + cured meat + nuts or seeds + seasoning

Note, no bbq at hand, we just used a hot griddle pan:

– grilled nectarines

– grilled halloumi

– boiled and grilled asparagus

– boiled green beans

– lambs lettuce

– parma ham

– sunflower seeds sprinkled on top


1/ boil or steam the asparagus and beans together

2/ while the water and or vegg are boiling, grill the quartered nectarines, then follow by the halloumi.

3/ after draining the veg, grill the asparagus (optional but I like the taste and consistency better!)

4/ lay the asparagus

5/ prepare the seasoning at the bottom of a salad bowl, put the lettuce on it, covered by the parma ham, then add the grilled and cooked ingredients on top and mix well

5/ cover the asparagus with the salad mix and sprinkle with sunflower seeds

Et voila!

The magic Salad

As you can see we were a bit greedy and got some wholemeal pitta to go with it.. definitely unnecessary as the salad itself was filling enough – especially after two servings 🙂

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