Tune your emotions with music

Music has the ability to resonate differently with different people. We all know this, a variety of styles, a variety of tastes, beats, and so on…

Music has always occupied a very important place in my life. And my brother has played an important part in my music education, ever since he heard me play Britney’s first album and immediately changed it for the likes of Placebo, Pixies, Nois Desir and took me to my very first festival, Les vieilles charrues in Brittany and was present for my early days of electro in Barcelona at RazzMatazz, Liquid, Moog, and Cube…

Music has been a major driver of my social life too. I owe so many encounters, connections and long lasting friendships to her. Yes, La musique, and I believe something that brings people for light-hearted fun, love and dance has to be a she!

Music has the power to transport me, to the place where I first heard a song, to revive the emotions I was feeling then, to awaken vivid memories and reveal the faces of the people I was with then…

And when I am down, or feeling a bit flat, music is my first gateway to a happier place… Here’s my song of the day… Mixed by Tiger & Woods in Gin nation:

And here is the original beauty !




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