The fresh taste of local seasonal fruits revives sweet memories

Raspberry hoopsWhen I was growing up, I would never have strawberries in December or pineapple in March. All fruits were locally planted, grown, produced and distributed. And I could tell the change of seasons by observing the contents of my plate.

My mom would go to the fruit and green grocer and select the freshest seasonal fruits to make us delicious mixed fruit bowls for breakfast. I remember my favourite time of the year being marked with the first raspberries appearing in my breakfast bowl. Coloured with a beautiful vivid pink, made of delicate tiny rounded shapes, the feeling of these little bubbles of sweetness popping with each bite is all it takes to trigger a state of simple happiness… to bring me back to childhood days of raspberries on birthday cakes, sneakily stolen off the tree while running for cover when playing hide-and-seek, in the Barquettes de Lu on the beach after playing in the ocean,…

And don’t you feel so smug now for taking pleasure in savouring such a healthy delight? I know I do!

What seasonal fruit procures you with such simple contentment and where does it take you back to?

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