Sunny Sundays to let go of your FOMO and take it slow

Living in London is so thrilling isn’t it? One can never be bored as there is so much on offer. With such a variety of activities: exhibitions, pop-up bars and restaurants, friend’s barbecues, new shop openings, social gatherings, lido, park days, indoors climbing… it is hard and even sometimes impossible to take time out and not do any of those things without feeling guilty.

We all have the big bad FOMO – Fear of Missing Out. But again by trying to pack so many activities, friends and events in one day we tend to forget about the essence of those meet ups and activities. By packing too much one may stretch themselves too thinly to give their full attention and appreciate any of it. Sometimes one will think they’re being a good friend by saying yes to everything and they end up in danger of letting people down by being only half engaged. Already thinking about their next move of the day gets in the way of giving one’s full attention to the person or activity they are currently involved in. This leads to the Fear Of Letting Down.

Sunday is a perfect day for a slow day with close friends. Dedicating a full day to spending quality time with them, mixing sun, delicacies, existential conversations, awkward-less silences and laughter, taking the time to be happy around them and forgetting about achieving goals creates more space for development. It provides you with a context of simple happiness, where you can take the pressure off, be yourself and let your mind run free, come up with more ideas and more ways to be productive and efficient when you leave these moments.

Here’s a little snap of a quality birthday treat by my two gorgeous flatmates who although I get to see every day I don’t dedicate nearly enough attention to as I should. After some high tea, quality time I feel – although sugar filled – more inspired and motivated to just do do do, and in this case write write write.

Have you experimented in taking a slow Sunday with friends?

Afternoon tea at the Maid Of Honour

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