Which summer marvels will you savour this season?

Today is the first day of summer and longest day of the year. Now spring has passed, all projects are under way, it’s time to let go a little, change to a lower gear and enjoy a slower pace, relish simple moments of bliss and insouciance!

I see letting go as an essential step to reaching moments of pure happiness and most of my happiest memories where at times when I freed myself from obligations and worries and concentrated on the beauty of the present moment. And what better season to concentrate on the present moment than Summer, when everything is so beautiful, warm, positive, joyful, carefree,…

Here’s a little inventory of my favourite summer pleasures, my own recipe to a splendid summer. Hopefully this summer 2014 will bring even more ingredients and discoveries!

* The fresh taste of local seasonal fruits

* Colourful sunsets

* Garden barbecues and fresh salads

* Stunningly coloured and beautifully scented flowers

* Going on a well earned break with friends

* Festival-ing to go back in time and act like a child

* Sunbathing and enjoying a new healthy seasonal skin glow

* Relish the feeling of comfort and peace when floating on sea water

* Making the most of light mornings with an early run

* Walking everywhere and using any excuse to be outside

*Lazy days in the park

* Summer layers, light clothing and all round body confidence

* Ice cream, cocktails and other culinary treats

* Frequenting new and favourite London summer spots

One thought on “Which summer marvels will you savour this season?

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