Unveil the secrets hidden right before your eyes

Have you taken your own experiment and started connecting with the environment through the power of your own eyes? Here is a little album of the beauties, curiosities and intriguing sights I turned my attention to these last few days. By looking attentively I have started to unveil the hidden secrets behind these marvellous sights, peeling away the norm of each of these to discover their true identity.

What came out of this first experiment is the discovery of the history of a building I walk past on a daily basis. Carven house was built in the early 1900’s and a woman named Ethel Ayres set up her first practice as the area was in early developments. Certified accountant and militant suffragist, her career set off between these walls. Relying on the strong spirit of feminine solidarity in a patriarchal society, she has managed to build a clientele of cases which have given her the substance to defy her contemporary institutions. Progressive change was effectuated for the condition of women (such as the taxation of married women) and the support professionals of her profile gave to feminist institutions contributed to the suffrage movement. Interesting fact: the first women were allowed to vote in 1918 in the UK (1944 for France).

And this is what came out of looking around… followed by a bit of post dinner Internet surfing. And no, it is not by choice that the historical building chosen here was linked to a feminist cause.

What secrets can you unveil by bringing your visual attention to your surroundings?

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