All the small things sometimes so big

Big cup Tiny princess

It’s all a question of perspective.

Something that seems so trivial to someone can be experienced as a dramatic event from someone else. The same thing can hold the top place on someone’s priority list and the very last on someone else’s. And at the same time it can sometimes take something very small, really simple to make all our troubles go away, to bring us back to what’s really important:

*like the smile of your healthy and unconditionally loving baby

*like a moment shared with your dearest ones

*like a tight hug from a close friend

As we go about, experience new things, journey through our lives, our perspective is ever changing, adapting to new contexts and therefore evolving. This shows that we have the power within ourselves to change our own perspective on things.

Next time something’s worrying you, why don’t you try changing your own perspective? Considering something that would be much much more dramatic, a real threat to your life and reassessing what is currently happening. And why not go the other way and find something very small that means a lot to you and which would in any context make all your worries go away?

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