When on holiday, leave your worries at bay!

Not such an easy task when worries and anxieties about work, money, family, relationships, new housing arrangements crop up on a daily basis and tend to haunt our down time. But holidays are our time to shine, free ourselves from those obligations and things that are preventing you from being your true genuine self because you have to concentrate on dealing with this and that. I wouldn’t say it means putting everything on hold care freely and hoping it will sort itself out by the time you get back, that may be unrealistic and borderline irresponsible. But maybe one way to fully enjoy your time off is to be at peace with leaving those obligations at home, after carefully dealing with what needs to be dealt with. Here is my way of leaving those worries and anxieties where they belong, away from a brilliant holiday:

1. Put everything that urgently needs to be in order before departure

2. Sail away and leave all of it – and the rest – at bay, waiting to be attended to with a fresh head

3. Don’t fully ignore but do take note if new ideas or to dos come up while your mind is “free”

4. Leave your phone, email, anything that links you back to the “real world” for most of the time – let’s face it all of it is just unachievable nowadays…

5. Make the most of your surroundings, focus on the place where you are, the people you’re with and all the wealth that is at hand reach. Soak it up and take the time to feel care freeness and bliss

6. Eventually come back to it all with a rested and more productive mind –> hopefully with results!

What is your trick to leave your list of to-dos at home when going away?

Sailing away off the Turkish coast on Ros

Sailing away off the Turkish coast

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