What are happy about today?

Sunshine in Lincoln's fieldsFailing to deliver a Friday special this week’s comes in as a late mid-Sunday tip to experiment throughout the week or least get you through the day’s hangover blues.

Cultivating positivity is possible, it is at everyone’s hand reach and even the most cynical and negative person can do it. Easy.

Just find one thing you are happy about today think about it for quite a bit, don’t judge or second guess yourself anything goes as long as it makes you feel positive. If you start feeling angry, sad, desperate, insecure or like you want to give it all up and go back to bed, just remind yourself of that very thing that is at the origin of your good mood today.

In fact the more you think about that thing the more your day might even revolve around it.

It can be anything, something out of your control (today I’m happy because it’s Sunday and the sun is shining) or it could be something that you are solely responsible for achieving (today I’m happy because I managed to not ruin poached eggs). Or it can also be something someone else has co-accomplished or is sharing with you (today I’m happy because I’m in love and I have amazing friends).

So, what is your reason to be happy today and more importantly, has it successfully tamed down the little negative bumps on the road that came up throughout your day?

The soft heavenly blow of a god hidden behind a spiralling cloud

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