You can mend broken pieces into something so much more valuable

Words of wisdom from the bottom of a tea cup: A broken heart hides so many treasures

Words of wisdom in a cupI’m 100% sure most of us have had our hearts broken in the past, whether it be from lovers, friends, family members, or just life. There has most certainly been a time in our life where we have felt rejected, cheated, hopeless, disappointed, where all plans with had for the future got shattered to the ground.  It’s never a nice experience and feeling. It often comes after we’ve put ourselves out there dedicating all our heart and soul to them or it and after letting go of any self preservation and protective inhibitions. What was intended was a treasure in itself, so pure and beautiful and so authentic but something didn’t go as planned and all this hope and love was turned into pieces. It may have been a lengthy, dragging or a sudden unexpected process, it may be something really big or something really small, however it may have happened the result is pretty much the same.

Often the first reaction is to shut down, drop to the floor, to give up and succumb like a victim to that other person or that event, ridding ourselves of all responsibility for what has happened and promising to never be authentic ever again! Way too dangerous. Sure we’re not in control of events but we can control our reaction to them. And that’s where all the beauty lies. We’re still very much in control of who we are even when something doesn’t go our way. Instead of taking it as a reason to be defeated we can chose to see it as an opportunity to create something new, something better, faster stronger ;o)

Instead of saying “what’s the point?” and reverting back to the self-preserving and protected selves, we could accept this feeling and decide what can be produced from it. Instead of giving everything up you can see it as a chance to start everything again, to cultivate new treasures and dedicate your heart and soul to other activities and people who will not crush it. And instead of being divided, when that intention falls in the right places it can multiply and progress exponentially to produce an even bigger treasure.

It may be an opportunity for some to give their creativity a chance to flourish in a specific domain (writing, cooking, singing, composing, drawing,…); for others to do something meaningful and make a difference in other people’s lives; someone else may simply realise it was an opportunity to discover who their are  and  what makes them happy. Or for a more literal illustration, some may create a beautiful mini fairy garden out of a broken pot! (Green Renaissance)

Next time something doesn’t go your way,  why not choose what kind of person you want to be, what kind of reaction you want to have and then do what’s required to reflect this? Try something new, get out of your comfort zone, look inside your own tunnel of love and you never know, you may dig out a well hidden treasure which might, in a snowball effect, create something so far beyond your imagination!

 Southbank Centre - Tunnel of love at the Hayward Gallery

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