Be a YES (wo)man this summer!

Summer in London is one of a kind.


If you go to Paris for example, August is the most depressing month for locals. Okay, exaggerating slightly here, maybe just a very quiet month. Everyone is on holiday (thanks to the 8 weeks of paid leave for most) and August is ridden with quite a few ill-mannered elbow nudging and camera flashing tourists.

But London is very different in August. Instead of being depressed they are working during a summer month, Londoners are positive, happy and create this endearing energy everywhere you go. It’s that month when days start getting shorter but the sun is still shining loud and bright. Everybody makes even more of a point of enjoying every second of summer. Every excuse goes to stay out later and enjoy every last second of sunshine on a terrace, fresh pint of lager or  crisp glass of rose in hand. Some of us even push the Summer daylight FOMO until complete burn out… But the sunshine can even make the worst hangover more bearable, pushing you to be outside again to soak up that vital vitamin D instead of sulking indoors.

We’re not sure how long it’s going to last for and in case you have to wait for another 10 months until you can relish those favourite summer marvels of yours, say YES to all summer plans now!

By the way have you worked on your list of summer marvels?

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