Drop the pressure, be happy now!

This phrase always reminds me of the song by Mylo with an elephant bouncing on a trampoline as video clip. That image could definitely help letting some steam out when one is putting too much pressure on themselves or others.

Aren’t we all guilty of being too demanding of ourselves in various areas of our lives? Especially in our young to mid adult years, we’re constantly reassessing our work, love, financial and health lives, pressuring ourselves to achieve more, earn more, save more, eat less, workout more, all to do with our own idea of perfection and constantly working towards it. We feel like gathering all efforts and focus into seeking all of these “mores” we’ll get to a better place and therefore will find happiness. But too much pressure can be harmful, not only because of the stress it causes on our body and vital functions but also because we forget about the importance of being happy now. Sometimes by being too focused on that idea of perfection, we end up remaining unsatisfied by the way things are and disappointed they’re not changing the way we want them to. That’s why stopping for a moment and finding some satisfaction in the way things are now will help finding happiness now. And at the end of the day, even when you do reach those set objectives you will need to drop the pressure to actually enjoy the fruits or your labour.  Just like with a pressure cooker, you always have to let the steam out before relishing your meal, right?

Next time you feel too unsatisfied about things not going your way, instead of putting additional pressure to reach this ideal you have set for yourself, why not dropping the pressure? Try picturing that bouncing elephant, let some steam out and find happiness NOW!

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