Just breathe!

How can we forget about such a vital function? Maybe because it is such an automation, a reflex, something we do unconsciously – exactly! Because we don’t have to make a conscious effort to breathe we tend to forget to take the time to breathe deeply. Except when something’s wrong, if we feel like we’re about to be sick, if we’re stressed,…

But sometimes we don’t even understand something is wrong but our breath should be the indicator, we tend to take small puffs of air, shallow breaths only oxygenating our throat and leaving our whole body to feel the stress that is currently created by the mind, allowing this stress to take control. Taking a deep mindful and conscious breath has the power to bring us back into ourselves. Back form our neurotic heads and into our flesh, body and senses. Our worry-creating minds, they have the power to be very harmful to our bodies.

So here’s a little tip, get out of your head for one minute and come back to your respiratory function. Focus on your breath, breathe in deeply until your lungs and your belly are fully filled with air and even your back is expanding. Let your organs feed off the oxygen you are providing them with, visualise your blood cells carrying those precious O2 bubbles, distributing them like little treats and rewards for what each of these organs have allowed you to achieve today. Whether it’s as small as getting out of bed and to work on time or as big as running a marathon.

Reward your body with a deep powerful invigorating breath. Like you mean it!

Oh yes, then remember to breathe out ;o)

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