Start wishing to love what you already have!

Stars shooting on concrete

See a shooting star? Make a wish!

How many times a day do you hear yourself say or think “I wish I had more money”; “I wish I had more holidays”; “I wish I had a bigger house”; “I wish I had a boy/girlfriend to share these moments with”; “I wish I was taller”; “I wish I was thinner”; “I wish I could help more people”; “I wish I could give more”; “I wish I could receive more”; “I wish I had more time”; “I wish the weekend was longer”…

All we’re doing when thinking like this is effectively convincing ourselves that there’s something wrong with what we do have, that there is simply not enough, or we just don’t even think about what we do have. Whereas if we do concentrate on what we do have and focus our energy on enjoying this, a/ we’ll be much more satisfied and b/ when better bigger things come along, we’ll know how to appreciate them, instead of thinking straight away of the following next big thing in a very disposable manner.

So maybe next time you hear yourself pronounce the words “wish” and “more” in the same sentence, why not start by finding some satisfaction in what you do have and maybe rethink about what you have done to get here and pat yourself on the back for it? Whether it be loosing 500 grams or saving 50 pounds more, or making 5 persons smile, or having 5 amazing friends, or taking 5 minutes of your weekend to call a family member…?

Maybe you could start by thinking “I wish to love what I have” and be a bit specific and once you’ll set your mind on it, it’ll be easy because it’s all in your hands, literally.

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