Which ingredients do you use to beat the blues?

Beat the blues with chocolate and disco

We’ve all been affected by this at one point in our lives. Whether it be when returning from holidays, after a much anticipated event or sometimes for no apparent reason, our hearts feel sad and everything around us seems bleak, we’re reassessing all aspects of our lives and second guessing every single decision we’ve made so far.

We all know it’s a temporary state of mind, a chemical/hormonal imbalance but we tend to forget we have the power to make it go away.

  • That “down” feeling is often because you’re reminiscing moments from the past or worrying about the future so maybe the first step is to come back to now.
  • Then also remind yourself that this feeling appears lower because it contrasts with the level of happiness you’ve just experienced. And it will help you appreciate even more the happier moments to come.
  • Chances are, there’s probably enough ingredients for you to create new moments of happiness right now. So how about putting those amazing memories behind and looking at creating some new ones today?

Maybe the way to beat the blues is to seek anything that will generate instant states of happiness, that will give you a little boost of confidence and trigger a smile on your face, right here, right now. Maybe all those little things put together will give place to a blues-free you!

So what’s your recipe for beating the blues?

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