Take a walk on the bright side

Time for another Wednesday marvel! Another one of those little things that make me happy!

We’ve been lucky enough in London and after a little sample of autumn, summer seems to be holding its stance for a little bit longer. And my favourite thing to do when the weather permits is

#2 – To seize a non rainy day by taking a rewarding impromptu walk to substitute a soul-destroying journey on public transport!

Reward 1: No aggravated/smelly/ crazy talking to themselves/ shouting on the phone/ eating smelly food co-passengers!

Reward 2: Opportunity to do a little exercise for the less heavy effort savvy one and justify that extra slice of cake…

Reward 3: Smug feeling when you arrive at work energised from this endorphin release.

Reward 4: Stumbling upon never seen before cafes, restaurants and bars!


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