Home sweet home

Time for a Wednesday marvel, another little thing that hugs my heart with warmth:

#3: the feeling of joy and excitement when coming home to familiar favourites

Even though sometimes the return trip from a holiday is tinted with a touch of nostalgia for the worry-free, relaxed and quite likely sunny times just gone, I often feel a bit of impatience to come home. Home is where my heart is. It’s the beautiful, exciting, vibrant, busy city where my friends, my home, my yoga, my favourite place for brunch, my everyday destination – the lovely office – and all the elements that make my life an enjoyable one are. Coming back to these familiar sounds, smells, delights, habits and these everyday marvels is always such a pleasure in itself.

Next time you are arriving back from a trip away, why not take the time to appreciate all the greatness you have come home to ?

St pancras station

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