Mind your onions

Or is it “mind your own business”? In French we say “occupe-toi de tes oignons”!


One can get so caught up in a situation that one sometimes forgets what is one’s role, place and business. Who hasn’t reacted passionately about something that does not concern them? Who hasn’t taken on a quest that wasn’t theirs to defend and felt so miserable because it wasn’t reaching the outcome they had hoped for? Because at the end of the day, it wasn’t their responsibility and wasn’t in their control…

I’m not saying we should all live our lives independently without caring for or helping or defending one another. But when something brings you down and makes you feel inadequate and it doesn’t concern you, you have the choice to not get involved. Especially if by doing so you are sparing your sanity. We all have a lot of love to give and energy to dedicate to people and causes around us. And when a certain battle creates harm within you, it is unlikely to be a successful one and you might lose some feathers on the way.

Maybe you’re better off saving your breath and heart for something or someone that will be true to you and because it will fall under your remittance, then your contribution will most certainly be a fruitful one!

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