Overcoming blockages

Sometimes there are projects at work and in life that we just can’t seem to get moving. Whether these hurdles come from within us or from external reticence to collaborate they tend to create enormous frustration and make us feel impotent, inefficient, incompetent.

We shouldn’t let something or someone not even our own mind make us feel incompetent, but it is human after all. One way to overcome those hurdles is to let them be, maybe it’s not the right time to get this done, maybe instead you should look at what’s next on your list and tackle that first. You may even get this one done so successfully it will give you the confidence and fresh outlook to turn your eye to that problematic task. Now you feel better about yourself it may not seem so big after all. I promise once it is done you will feel so relieved and full of pride for overcoming it!

What big hurdles have you faced today, and which accomplishments have helped you build the strength to tackle them?

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