Take a breather, have a (sustainable) burger

Lunchtime is such a precious moment for tuning into yourself or your environment and disconnecting from our stressful day at work at least for half an hour. Obviously not everyone has the luxury to take half an hour break, but even 5-10 minutes can be so beneficial for your productivity. Sometimes taking a breather allows you to make space for a new idea, a new solution or a new perspective on the state of things. Or it may simply allow you to have a calmer mind and tackle that long to do list instead of procrastinating in anger stress or fear of failing.

My distraction of the day and my recommendation to you is this one: the most (in my opinion) delicious, healthy (as far a healthy goes in this case) and sustainable burger.

Here we go in a few words

B for Brioche bun with a bright yellow spongy soft center and slightly crisp grilled surface, covered with crunchy sesame seeds

M for multigrain & dijon mustard providing you with a tingle in the nose with every bite

P for juicy patty made with organic farm fed and bread Lamb and Beef sizzled on the plancha

S for spoon carved Stilton cheese melted on the patty under a cone shaped aluminium cup

R for peppery rocket alleviating the ensemble with freshness

K for kind, interesting and conversational staff agreeing to satisfy my thirst for curiosity by allowing me to sample the cheddar just so I don’t miss out!

H for the Hmmmm of contentment that comes with each mouthful

S for the slowness required to enjoy such a treat

G for the feeling of satisfaction after Good Food

F for Covent Garden and Southbank Food Markets where this incredible deliciousness can be found and tested by yourselves Thursdays to Saturdays!

J for Jacob’s ladders farm’s burgers

Which is YOUR favourite lunch-break marvel? And where can we be lucky enough to find it?

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